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Love & Gratitude: African American Valentine's Day Cards & Things To Do!

Happy Black History Month & Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope the New Year keeps you smiling! I am wildly thankful & grateful to YOU for showing us love & gratitude over here for the holidays, as well as each day. Thanks to familiar faces (repeat customers!) & new faces (brand new customers!) It seems as if Valentine's Day Cards, as well as Thank You cards (both in large quantities) are wildly popular this new year here at Black Stationery! Thanks again for showing us love and keeping us incredibly busy over here for the New Year...we are Wildly Grateful!!!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! How exciting! Love comes in many forms! Be sure to celebrate in whatever way keeps you feeling GOOD all day long! Keep that happy energy in the air & why not put a smile on someone else's face while you're at it! Scroll down to see fun things to do & keep in mind for Valentine's Day! Have fun!

Why not simply do something YOU enjoy on Valentine's Day! Whether it's taking yourself shopping (or online shop!), going to the spa (or create your own spa day at home!), get your nails done (or polish them yourself!), dine out (or order in or cook something!), go to a movie theater (or watch your favorite TV show/movie at home!) ...make it enjoyable, whatever you decide! Also, remember to treat yourself everyday by simply being good to yourself! Our Love Yourself Valentine's Card is sending YOU great vibes for the holiday!

Guys: Why not buy or send her flowers for Valentine's Day!
Girls: Better yet, why not buy or send yourself flowers, after all, you're fabulous & YOU deserve them! ;-)
Everyone: While you're at it, send a friend and/or family member flowers! Imagine their surprise!! Our Giving You Flowers Valentine's Day Card is reminding you to also treat yourself...you deserve it!;-)

Why not get out and about and do something fun together, whether it's with friends, family, your significant other & don't forget about your cute animals...they show love all year long! Our Heart Filled With Love Valentine's Day Card is sending you love throughout the day!

Why not go to karaoke, see a fun movie, grab a bite to eat, make dinner reservations ...simply spending time with your friends, family or go solo...celebrate YOU in all of your magnificence! Read our lips, our Sending You Kisses Pop Art Valentine's Day Card is reminding you that YOU are loved! 

Cheers to Girl Squads everywhere! There's nothing like great friendships! Celebrate February 13th with our Black Mermaid Squad - Friendship Galentine's Day card! Why not get together and celebrate, laugh plenty, eat something yummy (Hello, Heart-Shaped Pizza!), maybe even go to the nail salon/spa together and/or do whatever keeps your friendship alive and thriving! Whatever you decide, make it fun!

Why not take your animal(s) for a walk, give them a treat or take them for a trip to the groomers for a refresh to express your love, as they naturally give you love all the time! Better yet, simply petting them, as well as spending time with them will make them happy! Our Be My Valentine's Day Card is sending "YOU" unconditional love! Can you feel it?!

Another way to show love on Valentine's Day is to send a Thank You card to let someone know that you appreciate them, express gratitude for something they did or simply for being the person that they are and you're grateful! Imagine how your hand-written words will make them feel and easily bring a smile to their face with that feel good expression!! Our Gratitude Flow Thank You Card is reminding you that YOU are appreciated!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day Weekend! Sending you love & gratitude! Whatever you do, make sure you do something that Feels GOOD to you and allow yourself to have the best day ever, as well as enjoy a few surprises to show up throughout the day! Until next time...keep being you...it looks great on YOU!

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