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24 Things To Do For Valentine's Day & African American Valentine's Day Greeting Cards!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is on the way and what a fun day to celebrate! After all, loving yourself is above all else, right?! Whether you're single or have someone special, it's a wonderful day to show extra love to friends, family, yourself or your significant other! In fact, why not think of Valentine's Day as a day to be grateful for your friends, family or even the cute little animals in your life! Cheers to gratitude! Take a peek at our Black Stationery Valentine's Day cards to get you in the holiday spirit! Also, be sure to scroll down & check out a few fun ideas of things to do for Valentine's Day Weekend!

Aren't they the stylish couple via our Dress & Suit African American Couple card! They're definitely ready for a night out on the town! Oh, you fancy, huh?! Haha!

Isn't she gorgeous in her red gown?! Our Heart & Gown African-American Girl greeting card is a beautiful way to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Put on the old school jams to celebrate Valentine's Day via our Black Stationery Record Player Old School Love greeting card! After all, music is always a great ideas!

What a beautiful way to celebrate Black Love on Valentine's Day via one of our African American Valentine's Day cards!

Add a pop of color on Valentine's Day via our Purple Lipstick Sending You Kisses Pop Art Black Stationery Valentine's Day card!
24 Fun Things To Do For Valentine's Day Weekend:
~Take Yourself Shopping! Haha!
~Horse drawn carriage ride!
~Make Dinner Together!
~Dine at a new restaurant!
~Go see a drive-in movie Together!
~Dress up & go out to Dinner!
~Go to a museum/art gallery!
~Have a picnic at the beach or park Together!
~Invite friends over & order in or cook Together!
~Go horseback riding!
~Hire a private chef!
~Take a road trip or take a flight!
~Go out; do something outside!
~Go to a wine & paint event!
~Buy yourself flowers, because you deserve it!
~Do an outdoor activity together!
~Go to a Hot Springs!
~Stay the night or weekend in an Airbnb/Hotel!
~Take a candle-lit bubble bath w/rose petals!
~See a movie at a dine-in/luxury movie theater!
~Light up the fireplace, order in & watch a movie!
~Karaoke or rent a private room at a karaoke place!
~Call friends and/or family and ask how they're doing!
~Stay in or take yourself out & celebrate being your fabulous self! Haha!

Sending you LOVE for showing us love here at Black Stationery! We are wildly grateful! We see you & we appreciate your support! Have an exciting Valentine's Day! Until next time!
PS As for me on Valentine's Day, I love it! I enjoy dressing up & getting out & about! After all, life is a fun adventure! A few unique & fun Valentine's Day memories come to mind. Once, we started the night at a drive-in movie theater, then we saw a burlesque show and afterwards, had dinner with friends at a German restaurant. Another time was lunch at a delicious Indian restaurant with a friend & later on, dinner & a movie at the theater with two friends. Whether I'm single or not, I make time for my friends. On another occasion, we went to a comedy club & laughed ourselves silly and then off to a Peruvian restaurant for dinner, the night was so much fun! I've also had a blast when we went to a fun multi-level art show which showcased artists from all around the world and afterwards, dinner at a delicious Salvadorian restaurant! Valentine's Day is what you make it! Stay in and have fun or go out and have a blast! Whatever you decide to do, have a Happy Valentine's Day! :-)