***Welcome To Black Stationery Greeting Cards!***


Black Stationery is an upbeat selection of African-American greeting cards with heart & soul, to inspire us to live our very best life.

✨Black Stationery is a Black-owned, Female-owned, upbeat African-American stationery company with style!

✨ Located in Venice, CA!

✨ Black Stationery was created to inspire us to live our best lives, with an upbeat vibe and positive attitude!

✨ Black Stationery was created so that I can see faces & skin tones that look like me; African-American!

✨I was inspired to create Black Stationery, because as a little girl, and even to this day, my mom and grandmother would always send out holiday cards and I would love to see them in return getting greeting cards from all over the world, it was very exciting! I loved seeing all of the creative and decorative cards that people would send! Plus, I loved seeing my mom, as well as grandmother, decorate by placing the cards all over the fireplace mantle and tables, at each of their homes!

✨ I’m also a big believer in being in the attitude of gratitude, so it’s exciting to create my own greeting cards, because I naturally send them out all the time, as well as being great at remembering birthdays, other special moments, including holidays!

✨Each year, I follow the tradition of sending out holiday cards, placing stickers and personal touches on each one, as I send them to family and friends, it’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed doing!

✨There’s nothing like getting a hand-written card in the mail, a fun little surprise with a personal touch!

✨It’s also very exciting to see my ideas/sketches come to life on actual cards!

✨ Black Stationery includes colorful African-American greeting cards, stickers, journals, and coffee mugs that will be forever uplifting, upbeat, colorful and with style!