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Cheers To Women: Happy International Women's Day!

Happy Tuesday & Happy International Women's Day to my girls & women all around the world! Cheers to the Game Changers, women & girls before us who have changed the world and women & girls currently shining their bright light and making a difference in the world in whatever way that makes them GLOW! Cheers to simply being YOU, your fabulous self! What a wonderful day to remind you that you are extraordinary and YES, you truly can do whatever you focus and put your mind to! After all, anything is possible! Even better, cheers to Girls Supporting Girls, you deserve a crown! Inviting you to check out our Black Stationery products & inspiring words I've come up with to celebrate this magical day! Even better, to remind you that you hold the magical wand to creating a life that you love each and every single day!!!

Cheers to wearing your invisible crown each and every single day! And if you're up to it, wear that crown in real life! Haha! After all, you're brave, fun and fearless, right!? Why not write down your goals, dreams and thoughts in our Intuition Hardcover Journal & if an Intuition Spiral Notebook is more your style, we have that too!

Yes, WE CAN! Always believe in yourself, no matter what anyone says! Know within your heart and soul that all you need is inside of you! Make sure to keep a positive mindset; always keeping in mind what you're grateful for each day! Our Black Stationery We Can Do it greeting card spreads the positive vibes loud and clear...and in style! Did you see her hair & nails? YES!! And if you want to see more motivational vibes, check out our fun International Women's Day post from last year!!

The real tea is that YOU are magnificent from head to toe, inside and out, just as you are, so be sure to remind yourself of this each day, as well as treat yourself, because you absolutely deserve it! You naturally shine! Why not sip tea or coffee or whatever drink you like and do it in style via our Black Stationery African American Woman Meditating tea/coffee mug! While you're at it, take a bubble bath, listen to your favorite song, take yourself shopping, try a new hair style, go on a road trip, try a new dish, paint your nails, go to the spa, enjoy a trip to the salon...whatever makes you feel good, both inside & out! Celebrate YOU!!

Oh, yes! We're going places! Dream, visualize, plan and go! Most of all, just take that first step, DO IT! Yes, YOU go girl! See the world, follow your heart, follow your dreams...start living out your dreams right now!!! What are you waiting for? You hold the magic wand! Imagine that! While you're on the go, if the mood strikes, travel the world and why not add a little style along the way with our Black Stationery Going Places Luggage Tags! Jet, Set, Go!!! Yes, girl, yes! We have luggage tags now with fun sayings! Imagine that!

Sending PEACE & LOVE to girls & women around the world! There's nothing better than girls supporting girls, being a great friend, being happy for each other and watching each other follow our dreams, reach our goals and manifest the very best each and every single day! Check out our groovy Black Stationery Peace & Love Positive Vibes greeting card! You'll also find her in our Black Stationery Afro Collection! She's absolutely afro chic!

You know that positive voice inside of you that says GO FOR IT, DO IT! Why not give it a try?! Writing down your goals, dreams and thoughts definitely make a difference! Simply grabbing a pen and paper and writing things down are steps to putting them into action, because you're aware of what it is that you want and cheers to manifesting your heart's desires! I believe in you and I hope you believe in yourself! Why not write things down in style via our Black Stationery African-American Queen Hardcover journal & if an African-American Queen Spiral notebook is more you style, we have that too!


Of course, you can do it! Don't you dare doubt yourself for one second! Be fearless and go after what adds happiness to your life! YOU glow girl and have fun in the process, because that simply makes things a whole lot more exciting! Haha! Our Black Stationery Jeans & Tee You Can Do It greeting card is an uplifting way to spread the message! Also, located in our Black Stationery Girl Boss Collection!

THANKS to all of the girls & women that have supported & continue to support us here at Black Stationery! We see YOU, we absolutely appreciate YOU & are wildly grateful! Sending you love, hugs, smiles & laughter via our Floral African American Thank You greeting card! Your emails and comments, as well as feeling the enthusiasm you have after receiving the cards make my whole day even more exciting!!! THANK YOU & cheers to a fun-filled International Women's Day! 

Until next time...Remember, you're magical, deserve the best & you're an original...no one can be you and that is definitely your SUPER POWER! Wear that invisible & actual crown each day! How fun are our Black Stationery Believe In Yourself stickers & we also have the Black Stationery Afro Hairstyle Believe in Yourself stickers! In case you're wondering, YES, I also use them in my own planner...fun!!

PS Speaking of game changers, two extraordinary women suddenly came to mind: Oprah & Michelle Obama!