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Celebrate Women: Happy International Women's Day!

Cheers to a brand new & exciting week!

Speaking of exciting, Happy International Women's Day! 

Applauding women around the world for simply being fabulous just as they are!

Cheers to women who have a positive mindset!

Cheers to women who live life with pure enthusiasm!

Cheers to women who know their worth!

Cheers to women who rock their own style fearlessly!

Cheers to women who believe in themselves and give positive words to another woman/girl who may need to hear it!

Cheers to women who easily compliment other women!

Cheers to women who inspire others!

Cheers to women who speak up and have a voice and/or speak up for others!

Cheers to women who have such beautiful energy & aura that they light up every room they walk into & everywhere they go!

Cheers to women who are great friends to other women!

Cheers to women who travel the world & around their own hometowns!

Cheers to women who live life on their own terms!

Cheers to women who spoil themselves!

Cheers to women who have their own businesses and women making a difference at work!

Cheers to women who are constantly learning something new!

Cheers to girl bosses worldwide!

Cheers to women who easily give a helping hand or simply listen when another girl needs it!

Cheers to women who do business with other women!

Cheers to women who speak positively about other women!

Cheers to women that fearlessly step out of their comfort zones!

Cheers to women who are naturally radiant, because their beauty also shines from within!

Cheers to simply being a woman, because today is your day...and so is every other day (haha!) to make a difference in the world, simply by being YOU & to enjoy life to the fullest on your own terms and in whatever way that adds to your happiness! You glow girl!

Speaking of women helping women, I have had the pleasure of working with Working Wardrobes on several occasions. I first heard of the organization via a model friend who informed me that they were looking for donations of gown/dresses for girls going to prom. As an absolute lover of gowns & dresses, I headed straight to my closet and was delighted to donate a few gowns!

Confident Makeovers via Working Wardrobes Event: The most fun & rewarding time I had was volunteering as a fashion stylist to women who were going through a difficult time & now attending the event to change their lives by going back into the workforce. When the women arrived, I was able to work one on one with each individual I was assigned to. It was incredible to see the transformation of each woman as I excitedly got to know them,  while helping them select a new wardrobe to keep, watched as they went onto the next station to get their hair and makeup done, listened as motivational speakers lit up the stage, and to top off a beautiful & transformational day, watching each woman go to the job station and do interviews with employers, which gave them a chance to get back on their feet and back into the workforce!

Make A Difference: Seeing some of the women start out a little shy and watch their confidence grow with each station they went to rocked my world! Working Wardrobes is a wonderful, powerful & impactful organization and a phenomenal example of Girl Power in action! I love who they are and what they stand for; a well-rounded transformation of lives & they do it with incredible style!!

Wishing you a phenomenal day & as always, thanks for supporting Black Stationery! We appreciate you greatly!