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Celebrate Black Dads: African-American Cards for Father's Day!

Happy Monday! Father's Day (June 16th) & Juneteenth (June 19th) are near! It's time to celebrate dad in all of his phenomenal glory! Let him know how much you care & how much he means to you! Why not send a cool card that will stand out from the rest and have him showing everyone! Haha! Check out our brand new Black Stationery Father's Day cards that will brighten up any room and/or surface that it's placed! Happy Father's Day in advance to all of the Dad's that are making a positive difference in our lives! We see you and appreciate you! Let's go!

All Eyes On You: Dad is one of a kind & our Black Stationery Cool Dad Father's Day Card makes dad the center of attention will have him grinning from ear to ear!

Feel Good Energy: Our Black Stationery Smiling Big Father's Day Card radiates joy and pure happiness! Send dad a handwritten greeting card which will light up his day!

Stylish & Suited Up: Our Black Stationery Heart Black Dad In Suit Father's Day Card is a great way to show a stylish dad that you see him as a standout guy, because his style, as well as his heart, speaks volumes!

Naturally Cool: Our Black Stationery Cool Dad Father's Day Card is bursting with effortless cool vibes. Let dad know how much you appreciate him, simply for being himself; naturally cool!

Pure Energy: Our Black Stationery Dreadlocks Laughing Dad Father's Day Card easily makes you smile! Look how happy he looks! Naturally put a smile on dad's face when he sees this card and the handwritten gratitude you express inside! It's a winner!

Well-Dressed: Our Black Stationery Suit & Red Tie Father's Day Card is stylish way to let dad know that he shines from the inside out and it shows! Why not write a personal note inside thanking dad for something he has done for you, maybe even a moment you spent time together that stands out and/or simply thank him for being there for you! Imagine that! Even better, write something funny that you know will make him laugh! Haha! Card is also available with Happy Father's Day written on it!

One of a Kind: Our Black Stationery Dapper Dad Style Fathers' Day Card puts the spotlight on the dad that showcases his own style! He's not dressed like every else. Dad stands out, because his loving vibe and cool style, comes purely from within...which can't be duplicated!

Magnetic Energy: Our Black Stationery Plaid Dad Smiling Father's Day Card radiates pure happy energy, as well as appeals to a dad who enjoys playing golf! Score!

Happy Father's Day in advance to Father's worldwide! We see you, appreciate you and are grateful for all that you do! Wishing you an incredible day doing whatever keeps you smiling! Most of all, have fun!

JUNE 19TH: Happy JUNETEENTH!! BLACK is Beautiful! Here at Black Stationery, celebrating Juneteenth today includes supporting a Black-Owned restaurant & watching Black Barbie via Netflix! Take a peek into the World of Barbie that we attended! Looking to celebrate today, why not support a Black Business! Imagine that!

THANK YOU for supporting us here at Black Stationery! We truly appreciate you! The sweet emails, compliments and constant support makes all the difference! Thanks for showing us continuous love! We ARE wildly GRATEFUL!! 

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