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Life-Size Dolls: Black Stationery Visits World of Barbie in Santa Monica, CA!

Happy Friday, Everyone! Thanks again for continuing to support us here at Black Stationery! We truly appreciate you & we definitely see you, both NEW & Returning customers! THANK YOU!

Recently, we got all dressed up in our prettiest pink Gowns/Dresses and headed over to the World of Barbie in Santa Monica, CA! Imagine our surprise when we saw Barbie in all different shades, ethnicities, sizes and style, including her numerous occupations! It was all so exciting!!! We even had a chance to step inside of life-size Barbie Doll Boxes and pose with different scenery behind us! After all, Barbie quote is "YOU Can Do Anything!" I love it, as it's a true statement! Believe in yourself, take action and anything is possible! We had so much fun! Scroll down and take a peek at our fun Barbie adventure! Let's go!!

DREAM BIG: Remember when you were a little girl and you played with your Barbie Dolls and dressed them up?! Can you remember what you dreamed of being/becoming?!

WELCOME To the World of Barbie: I was so excited to slip into my pink Barbie gown! Plus, it was so much fun seeing so many other girls dressed up in their pink clothes, as well as their own interpretation of their idea of Barbie!

Hair & Style: There were so many Black Barbie dolls and images, so exciting! This Barbie even had on stylish earrings! I loved it all!

Life-Size Barbie: I will admit, it was super fun stepping inside of Life-Size Barbie Doll boxes & posing for fun photos! Haha! World of Barbie did it up!

Texture: It was amazing seeing Black Barbie images, along with textured hair! Trust me, it does make a difference! Seeing a doll that actually has a shade of skin tone that looks like your shade, as well as hair that even looks like your hair allows you to see all forms of beauty and identify with a particular doll or several dolls! I know that it took me back to my childhood!

DJ Barbie: Haha! It was fun stepping behind the DJ booth and posing! World of Barbie also has a set for Barbie as a Drummer, as well as a Guitarist! Apparently, Barbie loves music & so do I! I listen to music each and every day, love it! Love the Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice Barbie World music video and song for the upcoming Barbie Movie that I absolutely cannot wait to see! #FUN

Hair Length: It was also amazing seeing Black Barbie dolls with all different hairstyles, textures and even lengths! After all, all hair is beautiful & you can always switch up your hair to fit your mood, like Barbie! She's so stylish with her shades on!

Madam C.J. Walker: Yes, Mattel, Yes to the 1st Self-Made Female Millionaire & Barbie! We love to see it and be it! Dream Big! I love that Barbie inspires! Loved seeing the actual photo and the Barbie dolls of inspirational women at World of Barbie!

The Barbie Show: How fun would it be to see Life-Size Real Life Inspirational Barbie's being interviewed on a Barbie Show! After all, Barbie's inspire each other!

Beauty & Brains: Yes, we can all be BOTH! Haha! Here's a closer look at Madam C.J. Walker's story! Anything is possible! Believe in YOU!!!

Barbie to Barbie: While at the World of Barbie, a woman came up to me and said the sweetest compliment "You are the Barbie I would have wanted when I was a little girl!" Hahaha! So nice, as she was a stylish Barbie herself! Once again, a Barbie that you can identify with makes a world of Barbie difference!

Red Carpet Ready: Okay, Barbie! We see you! Haha! She was dressed and ready for the cameras! Haha! Stylish from head to toe!

Shades of Barbie: It was fun seeing Barbie Dolls of all shades interacting with each other in images, as well as in real life at the event!

Maya Angelou: Representation truly matters! Who knew that Maya Angelou had her own Barbie Doll? I love it and a stylish one at that! Her outfit was everything!

Wall of Barbies: There were so many Barbie dolls of all shades, hair textures & style, as in real life! I was smiling nearly the entire time while looking at the images! My childhood enthusiasm of playing with my Barbie Dolls & Barbie Dream House brought back fun memories! Ah, the importance of play in everyday life at all ages! What you visualize truly has the ability to materialize! Imagine that!

Barbie Decor: It was fun stepping into the Barbie Dream House, Seeing all of the Barbie decor, sitting in the Barbie Van and so much more! We had a blast! I truly recommend going to the World of Barbie when it's in your city! Watch your childhood enthusiasm come back to life, it's so much fun! While I did go to the 21 and over day at World of Barbie, children will love being at this event, especially when they see Barbie dolls that look like them! #Representation WooHoo!

Barbie Store: At the end of walking through the interactive event, taking tons of photos and even going through the Barbie Museum, there is a Barbie Gift Shop with actual dolls, t-shirts, baseball hats, tote bags and so much more! While I did want the large tote/beach bag, it was sold out; I was excited to see this keychain and had to have it! Overall, what a wonderful event and the perfect reminder that like Barbie says "YOU Can Be Anything!"

Wishing everyone a fun-filled weekend! Until next time...do what keeps you smiling and most of all, HAVE FUN!! Haha!

Black Stationery!