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Grateful Heart: Black Stationery African-American Thank You Cards!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

I hope you're keeping hydrated & enjoying warmer weather! YES!! Have you ever noticed how people respond when you say Thank You? It's a sight to be seen & usually makes them smile! It not only makes them feel good to be acknowledged, but have you ever noticed the feeling you get inside when you tell them? Feels incredible, right? Why not send someone a thank you card to not only surprise and make their day, but also show that you're grateful?! Sound fun, huh? I bet you're smiling right now while reading this, right?! Haha!

Stay in the attitude of gratitude & I invite you to check out our NEW Black Stationery Thank You Greeting Cards! They're sure to make you smile! 

She's a stylish one and always has a heart filled with gratitude, because she knows that inner beauty shines on the outside as well via our Red & Gold Head Wrap Thank You Greeting Card!

When your heart is as big as your afro, you're heading in the right direction! Haha! Send our soulful Afro Woman Vibe Thank You Greeting Card to express just how grateful you are!

A pop of color, a smile and having a grateful mindset is the way to go! Let's start trending that message via our Yellow & Pink Afro Pop Art Thank You Card!

She's bohemian fabulous, in a groovy & grateful state of mind and always sending love via our Green Floral African-American Thank You Greeting Card!

She's a spark of joy and grateful to YOU for visiting Black Stationery...me to you! ;-) Sending love for constantly showing us love by supporting us via our very own Gratitude & Flowers Thank You Greeting Card! We appreciate "YOU!" THANKS A BUNCH!

An exciting thing happened! As much as I love creating our Black Stationery cards, I was surprised when I checked the mail. One of my repeat Black Stationery customers had sent me a thank you card! I was like OMG! So sweet! The time she took to write out such a detailed, kind & thoughtful card made me my entire day! What a fun surprise, which was totally unexpected! Not only did she write such kind words, also thanking me for helping her with a particular order, she decorated the card with stickers and everything the way I do when I send out cards to customer, friends & family! Haha! Sweetest! Had to share, as it felt amazing and I'm still smiling as I'm thinking about it! Haha!

Let's trend KINDNESS & BEING IN THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE in all areas of life & have a beautiful day! Thanks again for stopping by...see you again soon!;-)