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Soulful Thanksgiving: African American Thanksgiving Cards!

Happy November, Everyone! The holiday season is right around the corner! Thanksgiving is up next on November 25th & I'm already thinking of all the delicious, mouthwatering food the day brings, including spending time with family and friends!

Can't you just imagine a soulful Thanksgiving, one that includes collard greens, potato salad, candied yams, dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie!? I bet I made you a little hungry! Haha! I sure made myself hungry while sketching out our Black Stationery Thanksgiving greeting cards with a whole lot of soul. 

When your soul...and stomach are both full of gratitude, amazing things are bound to happen! Check out our brand new Thanksgiving greeting cards and get ready to instantly crave a plate...in 5, 4, 3, 2...1!

Our Delicious Words Thanksgiving Soul Food greeting card simply sounds absolutely delicious! Can't you already imagine your plate piled up high?! Yum! 

Did you want me to fix you a plate? I know you're coming to dinner after looking at our Thanksgiving Soul Food Dinner greeting card checklist! In fact, the dressing is in the oven now! Haha! See you there!

Wishing you, your family & friends a Soulful Thanksgiving from Black Stationery! May everyone spend time together, laugh plenty and eat lots of delicious, mouth-watering food...even if it's via FaceTime or Zoom!

Happy Soulful Thanksgiving! Whatever the menu may be, whomever you celebrate it with, let your heart and soul be filled with gratitude! After all, every single day, there is always something to be grateful for! WooHoo!

THANK YOU to everyone for visiting us here at Black Stationery! We appreciate and are wildly grateful for you! Speaking of gratitude, thank you for your amazing comments, shopping with us and spreading the word about Black Stationery! While we're on the subject of holidays, thanks to everyone who has already started ordering our Christmas cards since September! WOW! You're are not playing around, definitely on top of things! Haha! We appreciate you!

Have a fantastic day and be sure to keep safe!;-)

PS In case you're wondering, my favorite Thanksgiving dishes are anything my Mom makes, because my Mom can definitely cook, including her candied yams and dressing w/cranberry sauce! OMG! So good! And don't even get me started on her 3-layer chocolate on chocolate cake that she bakes whenever I'm home for the holidays! Yum! I hope my post gets you in the Thanksgiving holiday spirit! See you again soon!