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Inspirational Black Card Shop: Inner Beauty Naturally Glows on the Outside!

Hello, Everyone & Happy September! It's a brand new season; Autumn! It's time to Fall in love with all that inspires you from the inside out! Why not put a smile on someone's face with encouraging words and/or even a wonderful compliment! Here at Black Stationery, we are all things Positive! We radiate Happiness & Good Vibes, because it's our natural state! Imagine making someone's day with our colorful greeting cards to put a smile on their face! Take a peek at our updated Inspirational Greeting Cards! Thanks in advance and have a beautiful and exciting day!

YES! She's naturally glows! She believes in herself and attracts all things in her favor...highly grateful with our Sunshine You Glow Girl Inspirational Greeting Card!

See that shine?! She lives with the attitude of gratitude; walks confidently into her dreams as they become a reality with our Bright Future Ahead Greeting Card!

She's thankful, grateful, blessed and counts her blessings on a daily basis! No wonder she stands out with our Blessed Woman Greeting Card!

Bling, bling...it's a natural thing, because her gratitude list is filled with all things positive; SHINES bright with our Born to Shine Greeting Card!

She always wears her invisible crown (Sometimes a real crown! Haha!), because whether you can see it or not, she BELIEVES in herself with our Always Keep Your Head Up Greeting Card!

Yes, her inner glow naturally SHINES; sunglasses are a must! Hahah! No one can block her shine with our Bright Future Greeting Card!

Okay, we see YOU!! Shining just as bright as ever with our African-American Woman Shining greeting card! You glow, girl! Haha!

Wherever she goes or glows (Haha!), heads turn, because her aura is so beautiful...it's called an inner & outer glow and it's magnetic with our Golden Inner & Outer Glow Greeting Card!

Thank "YOU" for your continued support of us here at Black Stationery! WOW! We are excited to see our Spiral Notebooks also flying off the shelves, glad you're enjoying them! We truly appreciate "YOU!" And OMG! Thanks to our brand new and repeat customers...we are wildly grateful!


She's the Birthday Girl Greeting Card: As for September, it's my Birthday Month; I'm off to explore a brand new continent, which was at the top of my wishlist, as well as a place in Europe that has peaked my interest...in vacation mode with passport in hand...see you when I get back!;-) And yes, the show will go on while I'm away! Haha! Have a beautiful day & remember to feel free to DREAM BIG...in fact, go ahead and super size it! Hahaha!

Envision your life "larger than life" with our DREAM BIG card!

Imagine your dreams coming true! You deserve it...the mind / mindset is powerful!!!

Forever Grateful,
Black Stationery