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Black Stationery Holiday Gift Guide: African American Christmas Gift Ideas!

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Thanksgiving was fun and I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating! Even better, hope you spent time with friends & family and ate plenty! Christmas is officially right around the corner; I had fun putting together a Black Stationery Gift Guide! Give the gift of good vibes! Enjoy the guide & wait a minute, did I mention a few new products? Oh, yes! It's sure to be a colorful as well as uplifting guide to keep you smiling and most of all, feeling good and in the giving spirit! Let's Go!

Oh, yes! African-American Santa Claus is coming to town and he's ready to spread holiday cheer with a huge smile on his face and his choice of transportation via our Black Santa Claus Card Collection! Haha! What a fun way to wish everyone an exciting holiday season! Why not grab a pen and write and/or share a fun experience or perhaps why you're grateful, slip into an envelope, add a stamp...and send in the mail! Imagine the surprise of the reader!;-)

She wears her invisible crown wherever she goes! She knows that her inner beauty naturally glows! Our Black Stationery African-American Princess Journal, Coffee Mug & Greeting Card makes a colorful way to keep your most precious thoughts, ideas and whatever it is that you want to write or even sketch! It's up to YOU! Your choice!

She's ready for the holidays & in style! You know how we do! Haha! It's time to celebrate! She has on her red & gold gown, striking a pose and it's time to spread great holiday cheer! Find plenty of colorful, as well as stylish holiday cards in our Black Stationery African-American Christmas Greeting Cards section! Find one that fits your style and/or style of the recipient!

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, remind yourself to Keep Calm & cheers to manifesting your very best life, that makes you feel amazing inside and out...you deserve it!! Why not bliss out with our Calm Woman Meditating Candle!

Introducing our Black Stationery Candle Line! Woo-hoo! We're out here lighting up the Universe with good vibes! Let's do it!! Haha!
Top Row: Self-Love Candle, Support Black Owned Business Candle, Woman w/Turban She Naturally Glows Candle & Bliss Candle!

Bottom Row: Mermaid/In Your Wildest Dreams Candle, Confidence Candle, Calm/Meditation Candle & DJ Holiday Playlist Candle!

Our Black Stationery Meditating/Manifesting Yoga Woman JournalCandle, Coffee Mug & Greeting Card makes a fun gift set! Sending good vibes!!

Always highlighting **BLACK EXCELLENCE** at Black Stationery with an uplifting, positive, fun & inspirational vibe! It's what we do naturally! Thanks for your support! We see YOU, appreciate YOU & we're WILDLY GRATEFUL!  Our Black Excellence Support Black-Owned Business Candle is glowing with excellence!

She's confident and it shows in the way she GLOWS & in all that she does! Perhaps, December is the Birthday Month for her! What a wonderful duo (Birthday Glow Card and Candle) to brighten up her special day! In case you want to expand the gift, this design is also available as a Coffee Mug, Hardcover Journal & Spiral Notebook! Imagine that!!

The best feeling in the world is **Self-Love!** Be sure to put yourself first and DO and BE the best version of YOU, as you are one of a kind...there's no one else like YOU and don't you forget it!!! Our Self Love Candle is beaming with inner beauty that radiates on the outside!

She's a girl on the go! Whether she's traveling the world or in life (or both!), she's steadily moving forward & enjoying her life to the fullest! YES!!! Give the traveler in your life a set of fun & colorful Luggage Tags!

Hold up, wait a minute, Black Stationery got that bag, let's also go get it! Haha! Introducing our African-American Afro Pop Art Large Tote Bag (18x18)! I added a photo of my own bag to show you that I use it often! It holds my laptop, at other time, groceries and more! It's a tough bag, quite roomy and has thick, sturdy straps! We got you! The bag also gets plenty of attention when I carry it around! The same design is also on the back of the bag!

Below is our large & spacious Afro Pop Art Pencil Bag/Cosmetic Bag/Carry-All Bag! (12.5x8.5)

Be sure to check out our Large Tote Bags & Large Pencil Cases!

Introducing our seasonal items, Porcelain Christmas Ornaments! She's meditating & grateful for blessings in all areas of her life! It's time to add a whole lot of color to the Christmas Tree this year via our Thankful Grateful Blessed Christmas Ornament & Soulful Glow Ornament! Ornaments also makes a great gift!

Wishing Everyone a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
Enjoy time with friends & family, celebrating a time of giving because... it feels good and most of all, it comes from the heart!

Be sure to express gratitude to others when they gift you via presents, time spent together or however they choose! We have quite the selection of colorful Thank You Cards to show your appreciation!

THANK YOU for supporting Black Stationery! We are beaming with happiness from your constant support! Hello & we're wildly grateful to our REPEAT Customers, always great to see you again! Hello to NEW Customers, welcome & thank you! Happy Holidays!!