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GUESS Headquarters, Summertime Fun & Black Stationery Greeting Cards!

Happy August, Everyone! Cheers to a new month! We truly appreciate all of your support here at Black Stationery! We also LOVE seeing our repeat customers! #Grateful What a fun day at the GUESS Headquarters once again, and this time with a Summer theme! Thanks for having us, as we had a blast! I saw familiar faces, as well as met new people! What a fun & beautiful day, as the weather was gorgeous! My colorful items sure brightened up the booth! Take a peek at our exciting day!

GUESS Who's Back (Haha!): I arrived, accompanied by my friend's dog to GUESS Headquarters for the summer event! He was quite the popular one!

Model Dog: He sat patiently while I set up the booth and looked over each card carefully & was amazed that there were so many! Haha!

Lights, Camera, Action: The Kid's Rock Collection was side by side with Cards for Him! Setting up my booth was fun, as I always try to do a new setup each time! I always arrive early, as it does take time to unpack, organize and take photos and plenty of videos ahead of time, before everyone arrives in a steady flow! Grateful for the continuous support at GUESS!

Colorful Bunch: It was fun setting up the greeting cards, candles, tote bags, stickers, luggage tags, hardcover journalsspiral Notebooks) & coffee mugs! It's quite the colorful display!

She's Popular: Wildly grateful for the popularity of my tote bags & candles! Thanks again to everyone who consistently supports Black Stationery!

Strike A Pose: Someone had fun during his photo shoot inside of the offices! Haha! He's was quite the model! He also seemed to bring a big smile to everyone he encountered!

She's A Stunner: I love to display our African-American greeting cards in nearly every category, as there are plenty! Each card is carefully placed & displayed in a clear sleeve as to protect each one from the elements! However, the color still shines through!

Girls Supporting Girls: It's always nice meeting other vendors at the event; I love to support their businesses as well! # GirlBoss I'm also grateful for their support of Black Stationery as well!

Gratitude: Thanks again GUESS for inviting Black Stationery to your amazing Summer Event! Also, thanks to The Juice Market for the mouthwatering slice of watermelon, the GUESS cafeteria for the ice cold lemonade, which was perfect for the blazing hot weather and Soulistic Food for the Soulistic Vegan meal...absolutely delicious & perfectly spicy!

Until next time, thanks for supporting us at Black Stationery! Keep smiling, keep doing what you love and we'll see you again soon!

Black Stationery

PS Thanks to everyone at GUESS for all of the LOVE that you showed to the precious model dog (16 years old & my friend's dog that I've known forever & was incredibly close to)...as he journeyed to paradise 10 days after the event...and will forever be missed, as he travels on to new adventures, which will surely welcome him with open arms, as he's unforgettable!!