***Welcome To Black Stationery Greeting Cards!***

GUESS Headquarters, Christmas Market & Black Stationery Gift Shop!

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Christmas is near! Imagine that! I had a blast writing out Christmas cards, decorating my tree, adding ornaments given to me by my Mom, as well as from travels and even ornaments painted by my niece & I! Haha!

Before flying home to visit friends & family for the holidays, Black Stationery was invited to GUESS Headquarters for the 2023 Holiday Market! How fun! Here's a sneak peek into the event! Enjoy!!

Strike A Pose: Expressing my holiday cheer in RED! Let's GO!! Thanks again for the invite! I am grateful and always have fun at the event! Plus, the live band was amazing...GUESS is definitely spreading holiday vibes! Love it!!

Center of Attention:
The 2024 Black Stationery Wall Calendar was front & center! What a colorful table, right?! I always arrive early & have fun setting up!

Matching Sets:
 Our Black Stationery Card & the vanilla-scented Candles were a colorful vibe! The same print also appears on another NEW product, which you will see as you continue to scroll down!!!

Pure Sunshine: Our Black Stationery Makeup/Accessory Bags were a hit! I was grateful to everyone at GUESS that stopped by & supported Black Stationery! Thank YOU!! And what a beautiful day; total sunshine!

New Products:
I added new products, especially for the event! One was our 2024 Black Stationery Wall Calendar, which was a hit! I was amazed that the calendars were purchased before each person flipped all the way through it! Amazing!! It was also fun hearing reactions, compliments and seeing people actually flip through the sample calendar! Yay!!

Wrapped in Love:
 While each customer flipped through the sample 2024 Wall Calendar, I reached into the box and handed over a brand new sealed calendar! It was exciting handing over each purchase, knowing that they will be displayed, as well as useful...including putting a smile on the face of the recipient! I was even told that some would be given out at holiday events, parties and as gifts! Fun!!

Picture Perfect:
It was exciting showcasing the new Christmas/Holiday cards! Even more exciting to hear that one of our BOSS BABE cards is going to be framed! Imagine that!

Holiday Vibes:
Snow Globe Ornaments also made a debut, specifically for the event! We also have Ceramic Christmas/Holiday Ornaments! It was fun taking quick snapshots before handing over some of the purchases! Exciting!!

Good Vibes:
Our NEW Black Stationery Gift Wrapping Paper made an appearance as well! So exciting to see orders flow in online, as well as offline!! THANK YOU, and the comments are exciting to hear!! It was also wildly fun wrapping presents with my own gift wrapping paper for my friends & family!









Well-Stocked: Grateful that my table was well-stocked! (On top & underneath! Haha!) There were several cards available to flip through via the card stands, which elevated the experience! It was also fun seeing other familiar faces from previous GUESS events, as well as meeting new people!

Thank YOU:
Thank you for your constant support of us here at Black Stationery! We are wildly grateful for the love you have shown all year long and especially for the holidays!! Repeat customers, brand new customers and even recognizable customers that we've seen on the big screen & on TV...we appreciate your constant love and support!!











Gratitude: Thank YOU for allowing our creativity here at Black Stationery to flow into your life and grateful that you also share with friends & family!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Safe travels, keep smiling, enjoy celebrating the holidays and most of all...have FUN!!! Woohoo!! Until next time...know that I appreciate YOU, greatly!! #Grateful

Forever Smiling, Thankful, Grateful & Wildly Blessed,
Black Stationery