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GUESS Headquarters, Black Stationery Greeting Cards & Earth Day!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! A HUGE thank you for supporting us here at Black Stationery! We are beyond grateful! THANK YOU!

Exciting News: We are wildly grateful to GUESS for inviting Black Stationery back to participate in their Earth Day event!! We had so much fun! Take a peek at our exciting day!

Positive Thinking: I immediately loved the positive quotes on the walls once I stepped inside of the GUESS offices!! Love a positive mindset!! Cheers to Passion & Dreams!

Stepping inside of GUESS is exciting! Here is part of one of the walls filled with GUESS Models/Ads: Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Laetitia Casta...!!

GRATEFUL to be back at GUESS again with Black Stationery! Thanks again to everyone at GUESS! It was great to seeing you!! (1st GUESS event!)

Once again, it was fun setting up my table! The Black Stationery Kids Rock Collection were quite popular!!

THANK YOU for the GUESS Earth Day Tote, it's super cute! Love it!

Adding my Black Stationery Larger Candles in the mix was exciting & quite popular! I'm incredibly grateful for all of the items sold in every single category at the event! THANK YOU!! 

Thanks to Barbara who was wearing my Black Stationery Tote Bag as she was setting up her booth at the GUESS event! YOU ROCK! Thanks for purchasing my tote bag at the last event! There's nothing like seeing someone where an item that you created! I appreciate YOU, Barbara!!

GRATEFUL that both sizes of my Black Stationery Candles were popular! Debuted the larger candles at the event!

Loved the FUN & Positive quotes around the GUESS Headquarters!

What a fun event! Thanks to all the recognizable faces, as well as new people that I met at the event! Thanks a bunch for supporting Black Stationery! We are Wildly Grateful!!

Thanks for the delicious Mango Con Chili flavored Cotton Candy, so yummy, once again!!

Grateful for all of the nice compliments on my Black Stationery items, as my Black Stationery Stickers took centerstage & perfect for planners! All of the feedback was appreciated, thank you!!

So many stylish & cute dogs all around! Loved every minute of it! I even stepped in front of my table to play with a few of the cutie pies! Haha!

Thank you to the Jazz Band that made the event even livelier! 

Grateful to other Business Owners that I met! Of course I supported them as well! It was fun shopping their booths! Teamwork makes the dream work! 

At the end of the event, I made it just in time to trade my ticket for a complimentary Confident Smoothie! THANK YOU so much, tasted so delicious & quenched my thirst as I was packing up to leave the event! 

Once again, I am wildly grateful to GUESS for inviting me back for another event...always fun and such exciting energy throughout the day! THANK YOU!! Courtney, you're the best & I appreciate YOU greatly!

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos from the event! THANKS as always for supporting us here at Black Stationery! We SEE YOU & Appreciate YOU greatly! Have an exciting day...until next time...keep a positive mindset, enjoy every moment of life and know that at any time, something amazing can happen to YOU! ;-)

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