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Celebrate Dad: African-American Father's Day Cards!

Hello & Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Father's Day is right around the corner. It's time to celebrate Dad & let him know that you love & appreciate him to the fullest. Show Dad that he means the world to you! Ever wonder what to write inside of your Father's Day Card? Well, sit back, relax & let me give you a few helpful ideas to make Dad smile! :-) Also, be sure to check out our brand new Father's Day Cards, they are quite the colorful bunch!!

*Write about a favorite memory from your childhood!

*Write about a most recent memory you shared together!

*Make him laugh, write down a joke inside! Haha!

*List reasons why you love your Dad!

*Get creative, sketch/draw something inside of the card!

*Thank Dad for something he recently did for you!

*Write "Thanks, Dad, for simply being YOU!"

*A simple "Love You, Dad" works as well!

Cheers to Fathers every single day, you are loved & we appreciate you for who you are and all that you do! 

PS I am wildly thankful, grateful and blessed that I have a unique & amazing relationship with my Dad! He is hilarious & calls often! He has called while at a concert, so that I can hear the music & recording artist, always look forward to him calling & singing to me on my birthday & other times (amazing voice), calls just to check on me & see how I'm doing & randomly calls me on FaceTime to say hello and/or to introduce me to someone he wants me to meet, as well as show me something he has created and/or designed; wildly creative! Most of all, like my Mom, at the end of every phone call, my Dad says "Love You!"

On Father's Day, show Dad that he means the world to you & that you appreciate him on Sunday, June 20th and every single day after!

As always, thanks a bunch for supporting Black Stationery! We are wildly grateful & appreciate you greatly! Trust me, we feel the love!!! Also, thanks a bunch for our new & return customers, all of the comments/compliments & orders! Enjoy our NEW Black Stationery Father's Day cards & have an incredible day!!


****JUNE 19th! HAPPY JUNETEENTH! National Holiday!****