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Black Stationery: 40th Anniversary Black Doll Show at William Grant Still Arts Center!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Great news ahead! Black Stationery is featured in the 40th Anniversary Black Doll Show at the William Grant Still Arts Center! Thanks a bunch, Ami! You are the best!


It's an honor to be a part of the Black Doll Show to inspire African-American little girls to play with African-American dolls, as well as have a positive self-image! It was quite an eye-opener to see the Doll Test video, which inspired change; the Black Doll Show! Imagine that!

As the owner of Black Stationery & also a former model, now I enjoy inspiring others as an Author & Entrepreneur! It was fun to style an African-American doll in such a glamorous & meaningful way for the "Going To The Gala" part of the show, along with the statement of what the doll stands for:

"My African-American doll is glamorous and bejeweled. She is larger than life in appearance, confidence & personality. Her arm is raised to show that she speaks up & is an active participant in life & she does it all in style. She has a voice. The doll is any size; she is wearing a floaty dress. She is a beautiful black doll that is to be admired & put on a pedestal, because not only does she stand up for others, she stands up for herself."

See the entire Black Doll Show here, which is narrated in a flip-book, alongside other amazing African-American artists that are shining bright with creativity, while at the same time displaying Black Excellence! While the show was online this year, because of what is happening in the world, we sure did have fun on FaceBook Live for the opening of the 3-part Black Doll Show, which included interviewing featured Artists, a full-on (online) dance party w/a DJ & an evening of glamour with everyone dressed up! Haha! Teamwork makes the dream work & it sure was fun!

As always, thanks a bunch for supporting Black Stationery! We appreciate YOU! Have an incredible day!

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