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Black Excellence: Black History Month, African American Products & Black Businesses!

Happy Black History Month!

Cheers to all of the amazing ways to celebrate Black History Month, to recognize and appreciate us and all of the amazing African-Americans that paved the way & continue to show Black Excellence!

We celebrate Black History each and every day here at Black Stationery; Black Business that showcases African-American graphics, African-American greeting cards, African-American stationery/products and African-Images that are uplifting, fun and represent us in the brightest light! Black excellence from head to toe, inside & out! Haha!

Now based in Venice Beach, in California. As a little girl, living and going to school in Gary, Indiana at the time (Kindergarten-6th grade), wearing my school uniform & being immersed in Black History, there was inspiration all around me! I particularly remember that my folders and backpack had "Black Excellence" emblazoned on them, along with numerous school products! Imagine the visions I had being surrounded by such positivity each day!

One of the best ways to celebrate Black History is to support, shop, acknowledge and recognize your favorite Black Businesses! Imagine that!

As always, thank "YOU" for supporting Black Stationery! We appreciate you greatly! Have a beautiful day & Happy Black History Month...all year long!