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Pure Love: African-American Mother's Day Greeting Card Shop!

Happy Friday! While we celebrate & are grateful for our Mom's each & every single day, Mother's Day is on May 8th & right around the corner! It's a special day to show mom even more love, because she deserves every bit of it! She's phenomenal at multi-tasking, showing us unconditional love and best of all, she helped raise us to be who we are today! That's a whole lot of love! Show Mom how much you appreciate her, whether its's via words, gifts, spending time together, fond memories or whatever way you know how that will put a big smile on her face!

Check out our Black Stationery African-American Mother's Day greeting cards! They're colorful, uplifting & showing plenty of love to mother's everywhere! Enjoy!

What a colorful & bright way to show mom that she's a work of art, pop-art style! Our Black Stationery African-American Woman Work of Art Mother's Day card will definitely make a statement, as well as stand out from the crowd!

The real tea is that Mom is the Best Mom Ever, as it says on the coffee/tea mug that she's sipping! We appreciate that she is always there for us when we need her! Why not surprise her with our Mom Tea Mother's Day card!

Mom is fabulous from head to toe; full-on royalty! She deserves to wear the crown each & every day! She's quite stylish too! Haha! Make her smile with our Royal Mom Mother's Day card!

Of course, Mom rules! She is the Queen of the castle & deserves praise & recognition for all that she does! Delight her with our She Wears The Crown Mother's Day card, pop-art-style!

We'll always be Mom's little girl in her eyes! She'll always be protective of us & we're grateful for her love! Add a little sparkle to her day by making her smile with our Little Girl Sparkle Mother's Day card!

Mom is a true work of art; inner & outer beauty and we love her for it! Let her know that you recognize that she is one of a kind by giving her our Roses for Mom Mother's Day card!

PS Thanks for visiting Black Stationery! We appreciate all the love you show us & we are wildly grateful for your continued support! It makes me smile even more when we receive an email about compliments on the cards once you receive them, your personal stories, as well as our repeat customers! I feel like we're friends! Haha! Wishing you a great day! Mother's everywhere, we appreciate you, grateful for you & wishing you the most loving, exciting and incredible Mother's Day ever!